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Art Blog of RJ Palmer

24 year old illustrator and Concept Artist

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Been doodling Spinosaurus again after the new findings came out.  Also since every goddamn article and video about Spinosaurus has to compare it to T. rex, have a comparison between my rex and spino.  The legs are a bit bigger than NatGeo’s version after what Scott Hartman came out with.  Also thought it would be neat if the sail sort of mimicked the look of river debris and dead branches so it could camouflage itself as such when trundling along through the water.

I get a fair bit of asks about what music I play when I livestream, so I took a few screenshots of some of my playlists.  There may be some overlap as they are from separate playlists.  Hope there are enough new tunes here to track down.

Finished my Gyarados piece.  You can buy prints of it over here. You can read the full flavor text here.

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Tagged with:  #livestream  #pokemon  #excadrill  #noibat

Anonymous said: Do you account for the time spent on pieces as a factor in your ability as an artist?

Yes.  Speed at which you can do things is a very important part of being a marketable artist.

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Tagged with:  #livestream  #pokemon  #croconaw  #shuckle

Roughly 45-60 minute little blue heron demo for my student from this week’s meeting.

Portrait study that I ran out of steam on.  I really need to work on getting better at the polish stage, but man is that tedious.

Monster Hunter style Venusaur to go with my Charizard.  I figure he burrows into the forest floor to lure in unsuspecting hunters.  He also has spore pods on his arms that he can shake to afflict hunters randomly with poison, sleep, or paralysis.  I may do Blastoise and armors for these guys if you like them.

Anonymous said: What do you think about Salamence mega evolution?

I think its alright, but I was never much of a salamence guy.  Here is quick sketch of sorta how I see mega salamence.  Bigger viewimage